Bob vs Stu Epperson re Giuliani

* On the Syndicated Truth Talk Live: listeners can hear Bob Enyart's longtime friend and Christian talk show host, Stu Epperson, sliding into moral relativism, not opposing those who support mass murderer Rudy Giuliani. The immoral National RTL strategy of regulating child killing has led millions of Christians to compromise on God's enduring command, Do not murder, and as a predictable result, now, they will even support men like Giuliani who aggressively promote homosexuality and child killing. As NRTL led Christians to compromise on murder, where did anyone expect that they would draw the line and not compromise? And hear tomorrow's Part 2!

* Stu Invited Bob and Greg Koukl: host of California's Stand to Reason radio show, to debate on his TruthTalkLive program next week whether or not Christians should follow Dr. James Dobson's lead to vote for a minority candidate if the Republicans nominate a pro-abortion politician like Giuliani. Stay tuned.

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