End Times Prophet Al Gore Backslides

 * Power Pigs: Al Gore eats electricity. And just like the Last Days prophet himself, Diane Feinstein flies private jets which put out more carbon dioxide (90,000 pounds... those power piggies) in a domestic roundtrip than a typical American creates in a full year (only 50k lbs)! But it's all okay, because Al Gore invests "money in projects to reduce [other people's] energy consumption!"
 * 117% of Telethon: Thank you all so much! Our listeners have pledged $29,387 (117%) of our $25,000 telethon goal, and by midnight tonight we may actually reach $30,000!
 * Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A newly vindicated PTSD treatment called prolonged exposure is helping people recover from the debilitating effect of tragic memories by having them dwell on the actual trauma itself. Bob Enyart, who also pastors Denver Bible Church, uses this technique in counseling and has long considered it effective.
 * Homosexuals Spread Hepatitis A: Sports Illustrated gave a swimsuit party and appropriately, everyone who showed up got a shot at contracting Hepatitis A from Wolfgang Puck! According to the Journal of Infection Disease, Hepatitis A is mainly spread by ingesting feces from an infected person. During a recent outbreak in Columbus, Ohio, 66% of the men with hepatitis A had engaged in homosexuality. Neither number of reported sex partners nor kind of sex differentiated the gays who did or did not become infected. This suggests that mere oral contact with a carrier's body, rather than anal/oral sex, may be all that is necessary for Hepatitis A to spread. Yuchkk!
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