RSR: Baraminology, Coulter's Godless, & Sloppy Darwin

 * Fred Williams: webmaster for Creation Research Society co-hosts Real Science Radio with Bob Enyart and today they conclude discussion about Volume 43 of the December 2006 CRS Quarterly, the prestigious peer-reviewed science journal. Fred's personal website,, is a fabulous site and includes a creation show that even your kids will enjoy! You can invite Fred to speak to your group, school, or church by emailing him at!

 * Baraminology: What do they call an animal bred from a lion and a tiger? How about from a camel and a llama? How about a hyena and a... Listen to the show to hear why living creatures can be classified into species, genus, family, etc. If evolution were true, creatures across the animal kingdom should blend together without such extraordinary widespread discontinuity!

* No Death Before the Fall: Progressive creationists like Hugh Ross and his Reasons to Believe organization err when they contradict the Bible by teaching that there was death prior to the fall of Adam and Eve. In defending that belief, Ross actually wrote that plants, when they were eaten prior to the fall, "experience[d] bleeding, bruising, scarring, and death" (Ross, 2004, p. 102). Scripture, however, indicates that animals have souls, not plants, and so plants cannot "experience" anything, since they have no awareness, which is a non-physical capability. See also the KGOV Show Summary for Pain is NOT Physical.

 * Review of Ann Coulter's Godless: Duane Gish and Fred Williams both give Ann Coulter a positive review for her book Godless: The Church of Liberalism. The book has a fun section exposing evolution fallacies. Fred reminds the audience that Bob interviewed Ann about this book. (In that interview, Bob presented Coulter with examples of her giving a pass to similarly godless Republicans. For example, Coulter refers to liberals who brag that convicted murderer Willie Horton did not kill anyone else until his tenth furlough, and Bob compared this to conservative praise for Texas Supreme Court Justice Priscilla Owen, who did not kill any of the first nine Baby Doe children to come before the Texas Court for a judicial bypass abortion, but Owen did vote to kill Baby Ten.)

 * Charles Darwin's Faulty Scholarship: This review of Charles Darwin's fraud, unethical, embarrassing and sloppy work indicates that "the high level of trust still put in Darwin's work is misplaced."

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