Renowned Scientist Baumgardner on RSR

* Geophysicist Dr. John Baumgardner on Old Earth Claims: Real Science Radio host Bob Enyart interviews Dr. Baumgarner, a twenty year alumnus of the Los Alamos National Laboratory about coming to Denver next weekend for a young earth conference. Doctors Gary Parker, John Baumgardner, Don DeYoung and Russ Humphreys are bringing the ICR Age of the Earth conference titled Thousands... Not Billions (Sept. 15th at Colorado Community Church). Dr. Baumgardner gave examples of the powerful scientific evidence showing that the earth is young!

* UPDATE: Answering one of Baumgardner's (many) objections to the HTP: See for a reply to one of Baumgardner's objections to Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory.

* Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship: On the night before the conference, you can see another of the featured scientists, Dr. Gary Parker, at the RMCF regular monthly meeting! Bob is going to both the RMCF meeting and to the ICR conference with his son Zachary. If you go, please look for Bob to say hello! Please find conference fees and information at this ICR conference page.

* Million-year-old Manganese Beer Cans: Do manganese nodules require millions of years to form? No. Geophysicist Dr. Baumgardner explained how these nodules form rapidly. Bob added that, at the Enyart household, we watched a documentary on mining the oceans in which a marine geologist stated that manganese nodules, millions of which liter the ocean floor, take five to fifteen million years to form to grapefruit size. I paused the video, and said to my kids something like: "That's not true! The Bible teaches that the earth is young, so we know that they must form quickly. And besides, if it took millions of years, then very few would be visible; they'd be buried by deposits." The first two entries (that's all I checked) of a Google search on the three words, manganese nodules formation, yielded the same claims: The Wikipedia entry stated, "Nodule growth is one of the slowest of all geological phenomena - in the order of a centimeter over several million years." And a Texas A&M Marine Sciences technical slide presentation stated, "They grow very slowly (mm/million years) and can be tens of millions of years old." Thankfully, we continued to watch the video and heard another geologist state that some manganese nodules "were actually [formed] around beer cans, which obviously are not millions of years old." My kids are not old enough to drink beer, but they are old enough to be suspicious of the evolutionary bias that produces knee-jerk claims of old age. more...

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