Live from the new Creation Museum!

* Grand Opening Soon: Hear this on scene report from the brand new Creation Museum in Kentucky. As good stewards of the donations of God's people, Ken Ham's Answers in Genesis built their $100 million dollar museum for less than $30 million. The Grand Opening will be on May 28th! Hear Jason Lisle, astrophysicist, describe the state-of-the-art planetarium. And Toledo talk show host Mark Siffer gives a first-hand account of Noah's exhibit, and the dinosaur animatronics.

* 2008 Museum Update: Hear Jason Lisle again on BEL for an update on the Creation Museum's first year!

* Sneak Peak: Tomorrow the Open Letter to Dr. James Dobson will be published. You can read the letter itself right now, prior to publication, at this site that is being publicly linked to for the first time right here.

Today's Resource: Get one of the most extraordinary DVDs you may ever see, Colorado Right To Life's Forty Years in the Wilderness, featuring Alan Keyes, Flip Benham, Judie Brown, and Bob Enyart's Focus on the Strategy II.