More Facts About Pro-Abort Mitt Romney

* On Abortion, Romney Only Lies : Romney claimed that as Governor, he came down on the side of life with every bit of legislation that crossed his desk. Turned out, that's a lie, including by when he passed a law forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion . Also, he has been smearing his own mother for years, claiming she campaigned as pro-choice way back in 1970, which according to a Boston Globe columnist, appears to be another lie.

* ARTL Helped by Mark Crutcher : American Right To Life is publically thanking the founder of Life Dynamics and ProLife America, Mark Crutch, for transferring to them the web domain name, AmericanRightToLife. com, which now points to ARTL's!

* Congratulations to CRTL : Colorado Right To Life has moved into their new office space, one half block from the Colorado capitol building! Congratulations CRTL for moving in next to the State Capitol and for being determined to compel the government outlaw the intentional killing of the innocent!

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