Real Science Radio: Creation Evangelism

* Fred Williams Interviews: guest Pete Fiske from Oceans Springs Mississippi, a creation speaker who frequently gives lectures and appears on radio shows in the South on the topic of Creation Evangelism and other creation-related topics. Pete discussed the foundational importance of Genesis and why it is crucial to use creation evangelism when witnessing to the world. Studies show that between 70-90% of our kids will abandon their faith after high school, and the number one reason they give is "intellectual skepticism." Most of this is due to the indoctrination of evolution and millions of years taught in our schools and society in general. If we cannot trust the historical accuracy of the first book of the Bible, why should we trust the rest, such as the resurrection? We have scores of testimonies from people who rejected their faith, they tell us, because they lost trust in Genesis. Pete Fiske is a member of the Origins Research Association and his ministry website is

 * Communist Holocausts: Pete also brought up the important point that world views have consequences. He talked of the decay in our society attributable to the culture of death taught by evolution. He included information showing the direct link between communism and evolution, and how a worldview of evolution was used to justify the literally 100 of millions of people who have been slaughtered under communist and other atheistic regimes.

 * Tonight at Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship: Pete Fiske will leave from the BEL cabin to head out to the Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship meeting. Pete is the event's speaker tonight, and you can meet him at Holy Hills Church a few blocks south of Evans on Holy . You can get more details at

 * Fred Williams is co-host of the Real Science Radio episodes of Bob Enyart Live, and he is the webmaster for Creation Research Society and his own great website and forum at

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