Meet Maxime from Holland

* Bob's Nephew is Marrying Maxime: who grew up in Holland, where the war on children and marriage is in full force. Thus, her own wedding to Brian Enyart, Jr. will be the first she has ever attended, since the Netherlands was the first country to legalize homosexual marriage years ago, and today, marriage is increasingly rare there! And not only do they abort their children, they euthanize children after they are born (as Denver's Children Hospital did to four-year old Dylan Walborn. Maxime grew up an atheist in post-Christian Europe, but was won to the Lord through the online outreach of home schoolers from Denver Bible Church!

Today's Resource: New Release: An excerpted version of the two-hour Forty Years in the Wilderness DVD, now called Focus on the Strategy II, is the 50-minute sequel to Bob Enyart's blockbuster analysis of the immoral and failed strategy of National Right to Life. Focus on the Strategy II is just the right length to watch in a Sunday School class, or with friends at a video party at home (yours or theirs)! To order FotS II please call 800-8Enyart, one DVD is $15, three for $20, and 20 copies for only $100!