Bob's Back from Alabama!

*Bob's back: and he's hit the ground running! Hear about Operation Rescue/Operation Save America's national event this week in Birmingham, Alabama.

*Tragic news: out of Florida last month. A mother is gang raped and her son forced to participate. The devastating results of a broken justice system.

*Dr. Charles E. Rice: Notre Dame law professor emeritus, Dr. Rice, wrote Gonzales v. Carhart Assessed published in The Wanderer (July 5, 2007, p. 4). Excerpts:

Every justice now on the court accepts the Roe holding that the unborn child is a non-person. The situation remains as described by Justice John Paul Stevens in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992): "The Court in Roe ... considered, and rejected, the argument ‘that the fetus is a ‘person'. ... From this holding [in Roe], there was no dissent, ...indeed, no member of the Court has ever questioned this fundamental proposition...'" ... In his cited Casey opinion, Scalia said, "The states may, if they wish, permit abortion-on-demand, but the Constitution does not require them to do so" (emphasis in opinion). In his Stenberg dissent, Justice Thomas, joined by Justice Scalia and then-Chief Justice Rehnquist, said, "Nothing in our Federal Constitution deprives the people of this country of the right to determine whether the consequences of abortion to the fetus and to society outweigh the burden of an unwanted pregnancy on the mother. Although a State may permit abortion, nothing in the Constitution dictates that a State must do so." Even Justices Thomas and Scalia would allow the states to permit, regulate, or forbid the execution of the unborn child. They therefore accept the nonpersonhood of that child under the United States Constitution.

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