Whistleblower Magazine plugs CRTL!

* WorldNetDaily's Flagship Publication: According to Lolita Hanks, a director of Colorado Right To Life, the current issue of Whistleblower magazine is running the 40 Years, 50 Million Dead, One Commitment pledge in a full-page presentation because of how powerful the commitment is! You can follow the leadership of CRTL and make the commitment to God to never compromise on His enduring command, Do Not Murder, by subscribing to Whistleblower and taking the pledge there, or by going to the CRTL website and registering your commitment online!
* April 25th in the Capitol: Marking the 40th anniversary of Colorado passing the nation's first pro-abortion law (which has since become the model for most "pro-life" legislation, i.e., abortion for the "hard cases"), Colorado Right to Life will hold an historic event in the old Supreme Court chambers room. The keynote speaker will be Alan Keyes, former U.N. Ambassador and candidate for the Republican nomination for President. Other speakers include Operation Save America's director, the Rev. Flip Benham, and Bob Enyart. Brian Rohrbough, the president of Colorado Right to Life will lead a panel discussion to identify the most effective strategy to stop the killing!
* Petition: Director Hanks invites Coloradoans to sign the CRTL petition pleading with the self-proclaimed "pro-life" Governor Bill Ritter to stop his effort to fund America's largest child killer, Planned Parenthood.
* The HPV Vaccine: Nurse Practitioner Lolita Hanks warns parents that the Human Papillomavirus vaccine will give kids a false sense of security increasing their existing foolhardy invincibility, and would actually increase sexual immorality and the incidence of STDs and unwanted pregnancies.
* D.A.R.E.: to evaluate the results of the popular anti-drug program, which historically has NOT produced kids who were less likely to use drugs. Reinforcing the worst aspect of our culture, the D.A.R.E. program does not teach kids that getting high is WRONG (because our education system systematically denies absolute right and absolute wrong). Instead, D.A.R.E, empowers teenagers to make decisions, and millions of them just end up deciding to get high.
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