Colorado Springs Writer Cara DeGette Interviews Bob

* C.S. Independent Columnist: U.S. Congresswoman Diana DeGette's sister Cara interviews Bob Enyart for the alternative newspaper, the Colorado Springs Independent. This conclusion of this two-part broadcast (see Part 1) blurs the line between who is interviewing who.

* When This Interview Was Conducted: One of DeGette's articles that quote Bob was, Rift Widens Between Anti-Abortion Activists, published on June 14, 2007. In today's program, Bob mentions that this interview was conducted some weeks prior to BEL airing it. The exact date can likely be determined because at the beginning of the discussion, Cara describes an audio clip from "Susan" of Focus on the Family that BEL aired on the very day that DeGette interviewed Bob. So if you can help us determine the exact date of this interview, please email]

* The Michael Vick Connection: During DeGette's interview, Bob predicted that national rage over any animal cruelty that approached anything like a partial-birth abortion would far exceed the outrage over even late-term unborn children subjected to PBA. This prediction was confirmed just weeks later on July 17, 2007 when Michael Vick was indicted for his involvement in dog fights. And see the transcript of Bob's appearance on Denver's Fox 31 at

* Miss Teen South Carolina Melt Down: The South Carolina representative in the Miss Teen USA Pageant was asked why Americans don't know geography. She should have said, because our public schools are a failure. Instead she said...

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