Does "Love Your Neighbor" Still Apply?

* Top Headline at Paper: Alan Keyes assails GOP, Bob Enyart Live: Reporter Leslie Jorgensen on April 27 published a surprisingly accurate account of the Colorado Right To Life 40 Years in the Wilderness event...
* ProLife News TV & Nat'l ProLife Radio: listen to their report from the U.S. Supreme Court on the PBA Ruling... and they get it all wrong.
* George Lilly: Colorado political activist George Lilly left a message thanking Bob for exposing the misrepresentation of our leaders, including our conservative Republican pro-lifers, regarding child-killing in America.
* Fan Criticizes Bob: Fan of B.E.L. wrote: "Bob,  How many shows are you going to devote to abortion. I know abortion is dead wrong and I'm sure 99% of your listeners know it's wrong. I'm even sure that those who get an abortion know it's wrong. Why must you keep hammering on the same subject? It's getting so repetitious that I'm just about to delete you from my favorites. I think you get the message Bob."
* Bob Replied: "______,
You're making great points, and because we stream online, and also provide downloads, I can watch the audience numbers dwindle.
So, of course, you're right.
My problem is that we're attempting to turn a portion of the pro-life movement away from a godless strategy, to one that honors God.
And moving off the topic of the PBA ruling too soon will reduce the chances of doing that.
[Here at the BEL Cabin, we've] been talking about how many more days my show could survive this effort (without totally losing the audience).
War is not fun.
And of course, you're right. -Bob"
* Love Your Neighbor: Does God still care about that one?
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