ABC News & Fox Reporting on ARTL Action!

* Romney Doesn't Know: Pro-abortion Mitt Romney has spent years and millions seeking the Republican nomination for president and with the help of Nat'l RTL's general counsel James Bopp. Now, ARTL Action is providing traction to the accusation that Romney is a hypocrite and lying when he says he is pro-life. The Fox News Channel's report is here. ABC News reports are here, here, and... here (brief video excerpt of ARTL ad, "12 Days"). ABC reported that president Steve Curtis hopes to triple his existing media buy with donations to American RTL Action, which he is asking for online or by calling 1-888-888-ARTL.

* Romney Health Care : Mitt Romney stated that as Governor he always came down on the side of life with every bit of legislation that crossed his desk. to pay passed a Turns out, that's a lie too, including by when he passed a law forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion, gave Planned Parenthood a seat on the Massachusetts Health Care advisory board, and trying to compel pro-life hospitals to dispense abortifacients.

Request: Please consider making a special donation before the end of the year to one of these vital organizations: American Right To Life, American Life League, Colorado Right To Life , or Denver Bible Church.

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