12th Day 67%! Nurse Maria Comes Out of the Closet

* Global Warming Meetings Canceled: on the East Coast due to snow and ice storms; Antarctica ice is growing; and, Colorado has been hit with eight straight weeks of typical Global Warming weather, i.e, frostbyte and snow storms. Bob Enyart has been in Colorado for nearly a quarter-century, and there's NEVER been a winter here this cold!
 * The BEL Medical Analyst: Nurse Maria, came out of the closet today on BEL and gave her true name, Lolita Hanks! As is her husband Ed, Mrs. Hanks is a board member of Colorado Right to Life (neither are related to CRTL VP Leslie Hanks, unless of course you go back far enough, to Noah or so ?). After Lolita's heartfelt Senate Hearing testimony to outlaw abortion, the Planned Parenthood contingent snickered and one of them said, "She should have been aborted," and one murmured of CRTL president Brian Rohrbough, whose son Danny was murdered by Dylan Klebold, "Not that Columbine guy again." Lolita Hank's Senate committee testimony is not yet available online, but the Denver Post reported, "'Today, I would have a 20-year- old son or daughter,' said Lolita Hanks, a nurse, mother of three and member of Colorado Right to Life. 'Instead, I have 20 years of grief, depression and suicidal tendencies.'" Also, Ed Hanks is a writer with a great resume and a wide range of talents (writing, research, etc.) including as a speech writer for the Governor of Colorado, and he is currently looking to change jobs, so if you know of or have an opening he can apply for, we at BEL can vouch for what a great worker (and writer!) Ed Hanks is, so just call us and we'll put you in touch with him!
 * Five-month-old Baby Almost Killed by Hern: Warren Hern, late-term abortionist in Boulder Colorado was scheduled to kill the five-month old little girl of a troubled woman from Pittsburgh. CRTL board member Susan Sutherland and their office manager Donna Ballentine visited the woman who had, at the last minute, decided to keep her baby and put the little girl up for adoption. Her boyfriends' divorced parents came together in hopes of killing their granddaughter, and they flew with her to Colorado to get a late term abortion. Susan and Donna came to the conclusion that they hoped that by killing the baby, they could get this woman out of their son's life. Far from compassionate health care, Lolita pointed out this is the "pedestal" that pro-aborts have put women on. And Susan reported that she left a message for the boyfriend telling him that he must realize that right now he is a father, and he has a soon-to-be-born daughter, and that he must "step up to the plate" and regardless of what kind of relationship he ends up in with this woman, he must become a man, and immediately begin helping her and his little daughter.
 * Republicans Exaggerate Their Goodness: A Republican governor, Colorado's John Love, signed the first law legalizing abortion in 1967; a Republican justice Harry Blackmun wrote Roe v. Wade; in 1973 a Republican-dominated Court adopted Roe v. Wade; in 2007 seven of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court are Republican nominees and they are keeping abortion legal in America, and even the least pro-abortion of them reject that a child has a right to life, and wrongly commit to upholding the killing of unborn children as long as we follow our legal process. That commitment is called moral relativism, and it is supported by virtually all of our Christian pro-life leaders, directing America down the same post-Christian path of humanism that the European Church has already taken.
 * Costa Rica Missionary Has Shocking Problem: Full-time missionary Jeremy Clark called into BEL to inform us that as American missionaries share the gospel of Jesus Christ with Roman Catholics in Costa Rica, they tend to reject the moral authority of Americans because our country kills our children. Also, Jeremy has established a Bible Institute to train Costa Ricans as pastors where they use the Spanish translation of Bob Enyart's manuscript The Plot, called La Trama (you can share Chapter One of La Trama in Spanish with a Hispanic friend)!
 * Thanks to You!: Our annual BEL February telethon has raised two-thirds of our vital $25,000 goal (that is $16,700)!
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