Making The Pledge with Brian Rohrbough

* The President of CRTL: straight from a TV appearance opposing abortion on Denver's KRMT Daystar affiliate, Brian Rohrbough urges pro-lifers to pledge to never compromise on God's enduring command, "Do not murder!" Bob and Brian talk through The Pledge, and how vital it is for Christians to register their commitment! Please read and sign The Pledge here at CRTL's website! (Update: You can now sign the pledge electronically at this link.)
* LifeDynamics of Denton Texas: host Mark Crutcher and co-host Troy Newman interview Brian Rohrbough and Notre Dame's constitutional law professor emeritus Dr. Charles Rice, exposing the error of pro-life legislation and strategy, and urging Christians to commit themselves to not compromise on Do Not Murder! If you request a DVD before Feb. 1, 2007, Mark will probably send you a copy of this important show for free!
* Syndicated Radio Host: Janet Folger today (Jan. 18) interviewed Bob Enyart about The Pledge from Colorado Right to Life, and what it really means for Christians to commit themselves to never compromise on Do Not Murder. Executive director of Wisconsin Right to Life, Barbara Lyons, would not criticize pro-lifers for passing laws like Indiana's informed consent which will keep abortion legal in that state, perhaps for years, if and when Roe v. Wade is simply overturned.
Today's Resource: Please consider getting Focus on the Strategy! This DVD is BEL's best presentation ever, exposing the moral relativism in Christian leadership, and proposing specific corrections. So please order one, strap on a seatbelt, and rev up your DVD player!