Hitman Shoots Steve Curtis

 * But Only Hits Head: Long-time friend of BEL, Steve Curtis, tells of when he was shot twice in the head from point-blank range by hit men trying to prevent a witness from testifying against a habitual offender. Steve survived, and now fights to save kids from abortionists! As the president of LifeCommercials.com, Steve invites you to attend their Founders' Dinner on April 21st in Colorado to hear Mona Charen and to join Bob Enyart as we honor pro-life leaders Ken and Jo Scott! To register please call BEL at 1-800-8Enyart!
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Today's Resource: Join Bob and his friends as they tour Israel by watching his Bible Tour of Israel! The Bible stories come to life as you see the actual locations of the extraordinary events in Scripture. See archeological discoveries that confirm historical accounts in God's written word. If we can find evidence that the story of the Bible is true, perhaps then, the moral of the story may be true also! This video is packed with exciting details that you won't want to miss!