Christians Have Opened Pandora's Box

* Global Warming on Mars!: Don't look directly at the sun, except when viewing it as the cause of global warming (for the Earth and for Mars)! National Geographic reports results from NASA's Mars missions, that Mars is warming, at its south pole, for three summers in a row Mars' polar ice cap has been melting. This significant, planet-wide laboratory-like evidence indicates that here on Earth, where we're 48 million miles closer to Sun, that global-warming scientists are wrong to ignore the Sun in their assigning blame for melting ice. (Also, remember, Al Gore eats electricity.)

 * Bill Kristol Blew in Laura's Ear: William Kristol, founder of the conservative Weekly Standard, helped pro-life talk show host Laura Ingraham "feel better" about pro-homosexual, pro-abort Rudy Giuliani being an early frontrunner in the Republican primary for president. (For a time Ingraham is providing the Kristol segment on her website for free.)

 * All Gun Rights Leaders: The NRA, GOA, etc., speak of our "Second Amendment Rights," thereby actually undermining the right to protect ourselves by unwittingly telling the masses that rights come from the government. And if our rights come from the government (i.e., from our constitution, such as a "Second Amendment Right"), then those rights are not from God, and the government can infringe upon or even take away those rights. A century ago Colorado was part of the western frontier, and a greater percentage of our kids had access to guns back then, and yet there was no epidemic of kids killing kids. Liberals actually think that guns are evil, and murderers are not. Go figure!

* Maureen from Aurora: is upset at Rudy Giuliani for cross-dressing, and then was hoodwinked by some conservative talk show that told her that our judges are wicked because they attend meetings of the occult. Ignoring pretend reasons, a major factor in America's judicial slide into moral relativism is the collusion of pro-life Christian ministries that support humanist rulings that violate even God's enduring command, "Do not murder," as long as the judge complies with some lawless precedent or other.

* Dave from Denver: heard Hugh Hewitt on Friday say that Rudy Giuliani would be a good president, after all, Giuliani supports homosexual marriage and partial-birth abortion... how bad can he be?

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