Enyart is Deep in Colts' Territory

 * Bob Enyart in Indianapolis: If you can possibly make it, Bob hopes to see you at his Open Theism seminar this weekend in Indianapolis. Some Christian theologians, including Knox Theological Seminary's Dr. Samuel Lamerson during his debate with Bob Enyart, have sadly argued that God could not be trusted with the ability to change the future. In truth, however, God is free, and able, to change the future, and because of who God's power, the future is not settled, but open, and because of God's goodness, we can trust Him with our eternal well-being. If you cannot make it to this seminar, please consider reading Bob's debate with Lamerson, or listening to another seminar of Bob's, on Predestination and Free Will!
 * Johnny from Compton CA: spoke to a liberal, pro-abortion, pro-Obama, city attorney in California who opposes the Iraq war. So Johnny and Bob talk through the issue of a just war.
 Q: What threshold must be passed in the crimes of another nation before they can be rightly invaded?
 A: If a nation is set to murder even a single human being, that is sufficient grounds to violate their sovereignty.
 Q: Does a nation have to be righteous at home, before it has the right to go to war?
 A: If an murderous organized crime boss sees a gang beating a woman in an alley, even he should attempt to save her.
 * Josh from Akron OH: asks Bob for help answering a bizarre cultic claim. It is argued that since the letter J was invented (as distinct from the letter "I") in the 1500s, is it true that the name Jesus is invalid, and thus, that people who worship God using the name Jesus are actually sinning, whereas His true and only acceptable name is Yeshua? Bob pointed out how immature, petty, and embarrassing some people are when they attempt to manipulate and control others, for example, by prohibiting the celebration of birthdays, or as here, by acting like a Pharisee, and condemning those of various languages from referring to Jesus in their own native tongues. A Chinese believe does not have to learn Hebrew or Greek to worship God, and of course the Greek New Testament, by definition, does not use the Hebrew spellings for the names of God that appear in the Old Testament.
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