Drudge Reports on Colorado's Personhood Effort

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* Drudge on Colorado Personhood: Matt Drudge linked to this AP report on Colorado's petition drive. By his immense popularity with the media, Drudge linking to that article helps pro-lifers cross another threshold toward the goal of getting this personhood project into the mind of the public, since a listing on Drudge guarantees that most U.S. journalists now know of Colorado's amendment drive! When critics mockingly characterize a personhood effort as "rights for human eggs," we can remind them about basic biology, that an egg has half of the genetic material of a living human being, and that pro-lifers advocate for the God-given right to life of genetically unique, living human beings!

* Colorado Right To Life: announced today that it received a major grant of tens of thousands of dollars to help educate the public on the God-given right to life of every unborn child! A foundation wishing to remain anonymous gave the generous gift! Please consider donating to Colorado Right To Life online or by calling 303 753-9394!

* The World's Leading Cloning Scientist: England's Professor Ian Wilmut, has announced that he will not pursue the cloning of human embryos, but will instead use adult stem cell technology, which not only appears more promising for fighting disease, but also avoids the condemnation and opposition of those who oppose killing living human beings for research.

* Keep PP Out: Dec. 1st Rally: Come join the renowned leader Joe Scheidler in Denver at a rally to Keep Planned Parenthood Out, in opposition to the building of the largest abortion facility in the country! Also, join many of Colorado's pro-life leaders there including many from Colorado Right To Life!

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