Years of Unbridled Murder: 8 & 15

 * Columbine Anniversary: During the eight years that authorities have hidden Columbine documents that answer the question, "Why?," dozens have been murdered, and today widespread lockdowns have occurred, from Colorado schools to NASA's Johnson Space Center. After speaking to reporters from local and national media at his press conference today at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Brian Rohrbough came to the BEL studio to blast Columbine principal Frank DeAngelis, and Jeffco Sheriff Ted Mink, and Federal Judge Lewis T. Babcock for their part in covering up vital information to protect the system and their own vanity.
 * Campaign to Ban PBA: During the fifteen years that the pro-life community spent millions of dollars fighting to ban partial-birth abortion, 20,000,000 children have been killed. Now that we have the ban in place, law enforcement cannot use it to protect the life of even a single pre-born child. Our Christian leaders have mislead millions of Christians into thinking this ban would prevent at least some abortions. In reality, Christians volunteered, they made phone calls, and gave money, and more money, all to promote a ban that NEVER HAD EVEN THE POSSIBILITY OF PREVENTING A SINGLE ABORTION. Sadly, our leaders are not wiser than that. And most pro-lifers want to be lied to. But the children deserved better. They deserved for us to tell the truth. But instead, we told the lie, and wanted to believe the lie. Almost all Christian leaders, from Dr. James Dobson to National Right to Life. Pro-life talk show hosts hosts Larry and Chuck Bates of News & Views believed that the PBA ban would reduce late term abortions, until they took a call yesterday from Colorado Right To Life board member Lolita Hanks, R.N., who informed them that late-term abortionists are continuing to kill older babies because the ban only prohibits a particular technique, and NOT the murder of even a single child. Even the justices themselves wrote, on page 26 at Section IV, that, "The question is whether the Act... imposes a substantial obstacle to late-term... abortions. The Act does not on its face impose a substantial obstacle..."
 * Denver Pro-lifer Cliff Powell: owes an apology to Bob Enyart. Today, Powell told Jo Scott and other pro-lifers that Bob Enyart was "making up" claims that the U.S. Supreme Court's Partial-Birth Abortion ruling specifically permitted abortionists to pull a baby's arms and legs out of the birth canal and tear them off. Bob doubts that any Christian with a soft heart can read the ruling itself without crying or becoming physically ill. (They have posted every vulgar word of the ruling, apparently without shame, at their website.) Here are a couple brief examples. Concurring with their previous Stenberg ruling, this week's opinion on page 21 (III, C, 1) say about the popular late-term abortion procedure, Dilation and Evacuation, which they repeatedly declare remains absolutely legal, that "D&E will often involve a physician pulling a ‘substantial portion' of a still living fetus, say, an arm or leg, into the vagina prior to the death of the fetus," and the justices then add, "the removal of a small portion [such as "say, an arm or leg"] of the fetus is not prohibited." In other words, they are clearly informing the abortionist that he can continue to pull the arms or legs of a living baby out of the birth canal and rip them off, while the baby is alive, as long as they do not first pull the baby out beyond his navel. This majority opinion of Kennedy, Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito, repeatedly makes the case that the living baby could be delivered out of the birth canal all the way to up to the baby's navel (a.k.a., belly button), and the abortionist could still legally kill him. The PBA ban only prohibits the abortion if the baby come out past the navel, and then, only if that was the abortionists intent. For example, on page 17 (Section III, A), "the Act's definition of partial-birth abortion requires the fetus to be delivered "until... in the case of breech presentation, any part of the fetal trunk past the navel is outside the body of the mother." On page 26 (III, C, 2), the partial-birth abortion ban is now simply "requiring doctors to intend dismemberment before delivery to an anatomical landmark." In layman's terms the pro-life justices are saying that the abortionist can cut the baby into pieces, even while he is still alive, even as long as half his body if out of the mother, as long as you don't pull him out of the birth canal beyond his navel. Then, according to the court, such a restriction will NOT "prohibit the vast majority of D&E [late-term] abortions." Go ahead, O Christian, praise thyself. You worked to prohibit Zyklon-A while the wicked kill countless innocents with Zykon-B. This PBA "pro-life" regulation of child murder will cause children killed by alternative means to suffer longer, and greater pain, than the comparatively quick partial-birth abortion. And what's worse, this regulation could end up producing gruesome new abortion techniques, such as delivery to the navel, and then killing the baby by stabbing him from the belly up into the heart, or by cutting off his legs for him to bleed to death. PBA was a quicker way for the baby to die, but it was more gruesome for us, the witnesses, because as the ruling quotes a nurse's testimony, with partial-birth abortion we could see "the baby's arms jerked out, like a startle reaction, like a flinch, like a baby does when he thinks he is going to fall." Now, these same babies will endure more pain as they are killed, with not a single abortion prevented by this regulation, with pro-lifers slapping themselves on the back for their great work. Cliff, if you ask Bob to forgive you, he will.
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