The Beautiful People are At It Again

 * Neil Emails Alexandra: "You're not an anti-abortion activist, so how can you say Bob is wrong? You're not opposed to the homoseuxal lifestyle, so how can you say those opposed to homosexuality are worng? You are not a man, so how can you say those men who think abortion is wrong are wrong?" Etc. Thanks Neil! -BE
 * Preview: A debate on God's existence between Bob and a well-known atheist.
 * Daniel from Dayton TN: calling from the home of the Scopes Trial (, a must-read site!) alerted BEL to Brazil's effort to criminalize any condemnation of homosexuality, and also of Britain forcing Catholic adoption agencies to place children with homosexuals. Varying by state, American adoption agencies have been similarly pressured to hurt children adopted out by denying them a home with a mom and a dad. And almost a decade ago a broadcaster in Canada said that their government would not allow him to air Bob Enyart Live because we teach that homosexuality is a sin. Finally, Bob's first cousin Michael Galluccio, to the shame of their shared grandfather and the hurt of many in their family, changed the law to make New Jersey the first state to allow homosexuals to adopt jointly.
Today's Resource: If you enjoyed the preview of our upcoming atheism debate, you'd probably really have fun reading this fascinating debate, Does God Exist? Bob Enyart vs. Zakath!