Colorado RTL Criticizes 'Operation Rescue'

 * Cheryl Sullinger Urges Compromise on "Do Not Murder": "Operation Rescue" spokesperson Cheryl Sullenger said, "We know that some in the pro-life movement will be opposed to the [new South Dakota anti-abortion] legislation because of the rape and incest exceptions, but we believe that position is irresponsible." (The name "Operation Rescue" above is put in quotes because Troy Newman currently of Wichita Kansas usurped the OR name without authority.)

 * CRTL's Brian Rohrbough: The president of CRTL points out that this position, legitimizing abortion for the hard cases, is the very lie that opened the floodgates of legalized abortion 40 years ago in Colorado.

 * Bob Enyart: Pastor of Denver Bible Church, also argues that it is not atheists or liberals, but pro-life Christians who have convinced the millions that abortion should be legal for rape and incest, for they hear this campaign drumbeat not from pro-aborts, but from our candidates and in our bills! And this widespread belief reaffirms the foundation of pro-choice law and destroys the personhood defense of the fetus, which apart from the Second Coming, is the only defense that will ultimately stop abortion.

 * George W. Bush: The president of the United States was elected by pro-lifers, and he used his influence to defeat South Dakota's abortion ban, saying that it violated his own position (not God's command, by the way, but his own position), that it should be legal to kill the baby of a criminal. And Bush sleeps soundly at night, knowing that he has the support of virtually all pro-life Christian leaders. Yet it is belief in his own position, that it should be legal to kill the baby of a rapist, that millions of people have accepted as Gospel truth, that defeated SD's abortion ban! And so, abortion for the hard cases is the very position that first legalized abortion, and it's the position that destroys the baby's defense of personhood. Pro-life leaders are more tolerant of abortion than they are of those who will no longer compromise on God's enduring command, Do not murder, as Sullenger's quote makes clear, "To oppose this [then you can kill the baby] legislation would have to be considered ‘pro-abortion.'" Thus, to many Christian leaders, the path to victory is not by convincing more people to obey God's command, Do Not Murder, but by convincing more people to compromise on God's command, in the vain hope that good will come from it.
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Today's Resource
: We recommend that Operation Rescue leaders, including Cheryl Sullenger, watch Focus on the Strategy, and evaluate how far into moral relativism the Body of Christ has slid, and then answer the question, "What role has pro-life compromise had in the moral slide of Christianity?"