Dobson's staff: "3rd trimester abortion banned!"

* 15-year old Denver Boy: friends of BEL have a 15-year-old grandson, a Denver boy who joined a Parks & Recreation co-ed basketball team last summer. Here at BEL, we are not fans of co-ed sports for teenagers, and especially for a contact sport like basketball. There was a girl on the team that this boy liked, and his parents agreed to take the two of them out on a date. His Christian grandparents were unhappy with the whole situation, but they're considered to be out of touch with reality. Well, two weeks ago, the girl delivered their baby, and now, the 15-year old boy is a father, and he's still playing high school sports, and he's hardly prepared, emotionally, mentally, or financially, to raise a child. And the Christian grandparents are considered old-fashioned, but if their love and wisdom is old-fashioned, well then, give us more of that old-fashioned religion. For, if it was good enough for Paul and Silas, it's good enough for us, and our kids, and grandkids!

* Dr. Dobson Staffer, "3rd trimester abortion outlawed!": after we learned that Focus on the Family's staff and call center were giving out false information about what the PBA ban actually does, Bob Enyart asked his general manager Will, to place just one call to 1-800-A-Family (Dr. Dobson's ministry phone number), to record the call, and to request no one in particular, but just ask the question, "What does the partial-birth abortion ban actually do?" On this show, you can hear Susan from the Focus on the Family correspondence department answer, "The U.S. Supreme Court made it illegal for women to have an abortion in the last trimester." Later in the call, Will asks for a clarification: "Okay, so that'd be the seventh, eighth, and ninth months?" "Yes." Bob Enyart also re-aired a clip from another pro-life ministry which provides totally false information about the ruling. Rob Schenck (pronounced shank) is president of Faith and Action and works also with the National Pro-Life Action Center which his twin brother Paul founded, both groups operating in Washington D.C. just across the street from the Supreme Court. The brothers have close ties to Pat Robertson and his American Center for Law and Justice, and Paul has worked for Jay Sekulow as executive vice president of the ACLJ. Bob re-aired the clip of Rob Schenck grossly misinforming Christians about the brutally wicked Gonzales v. Carhart ruling. Because the authority written into this law by pro-lifers never had even the possibility of saving a single child's life, it is probably impossible to justify the 15 years and tens of millions of dollars wasted on this PBA ban by actually quoting what the Gonzales v. Carhart ruling actually holds. And as a result, pro-life ministries continue the long misinformation campaign about what the "ban" actually does, for in fact, it doesn't even prohibit an abortionist from partially delivering a late-term fetus, and then killing the baby. The ruling is more of a PBA Manual, explaining in some detail exactly how an abortionist can legally perform a text-book partial-birth abortion, or how he can perform a four-inch variation on traditional PBA. The new procedure can be called a "Navel PBA."

Will's complete call to Focus is six minutes and 36 seconds long. You can download the one minute and 19 second excerpt that Bob aired, and the entire call.

* Email from Lindsay: Hi Bob. Lindsay from Indiana here. My husband Brian and I want to encourage you that we are trying to reach everyone we know with an email with the information from your program about the PBA ban ruling. We have also made a donation to the Open Letter to Dr. Dobson effort, as well as signed up for the BEL Televised Classics, so that we can regularly support your ministry. Today as I was writing that email I was also listening to Friday's BEL show, and I heard the email that was sent by a friend of your program, and I heard that your audience was declining because of all these abortion programs. But I wanted to let you know how very thankful we are for all the information you have given in regards to this evil ruling. We have not been bored in the least these last few weeks. Rather, I personally have listened to several of the shows multiple times. Thanks again, and God bless you and your team, Brian and Lindsay

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