Morton's Salt

 * Guest Host: Brian Rohrbough previews Focus on the Strategy II and upcoming pro-life events and talks in studio with musician Lindsy Morton discussing her work. They review the words and then listen to her song, Child of Mine, and talk about the impact of this song and of abortion on society.
 * Lindsy Writes: Child of Mine is a song inspired by a real life experience with abortion, and it's effect on the hearts of women around the world. Stopping abortion is not only important to save the life of the child, but also to save the life of the mother by preventing her pain and guilt from a "choice"... You can find out more about Lindsy's ministry and music at!
Today's Resource: Dave Newman of Belvidere Illinois watched Colorado Right to Life's DVD of their March for Life and wrote: "Who says that grown men don't cry. The 2006 Colorado Right to Life DVD featuring Columbine dad Brian Rohrbough is powerful." Dave, we agree!
  * April 12th - Focus on the Strategy II:
in the Colorado Springs at 7 p.m. at Fellowship of the Rockies, 1625 S. 8th Street! Come to hear Bob speak, and call 303 463-7789 for the $30 registration, $50 for a couple.
 * April 25th - 40 Years in the Wilderness: in the Colorado capitol building at 1:30 p.m. marking the 40th anniversary of Colorado passing the nation's first pro-abortion law (which has since become the model for most "pro-life" legislation, i.e., abortion for the "hard cases"), Colorado Right to Life will hold an historic event in the old Supreme Court chambers room. The keynote speaker will be Alan Keyes, former U.N. Ambassador and candidate for the Republican nomination for President. Other speakers include Operation Save America's director, Flip Benham, Brian Rohrbough, Judie Brown, and Bob Enyart.
* April 27th - Mountain Area Pregnancy Center: Brian will be speaking at 6:00 p.m. at a $45-per-plate dinner for Mountain Area Pregnancy Center. Please call them at 303-674-5881 to join them and to support this important, hard-working ministry!