The Atheists' Horizon Problem, the Geologic Column & Sickle Cell Anemia

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* Starlight & Time and the Atheists' Horizon Problem: Later in today's program RSR's hosts Bob Enyart and Fred Williams take a call from Steve from Thornton who asks, How could starlight have had time to get to earth from distant galaxies if God created the universe in the recent past? Great question! To start with, Fred points out that advocates of the big bang theory have the same problem which they call the Horizon Problem. For, even if they were correct and the universe were 14 billion years old, there would not be remotely enough time for the background temperature of the universe to even out like it is. (And to make matters worse, through the year 2020, the universe keeps getting younger and younger, by billions of years no less, and that's according to the most sophisticated observations!) That problem is as much a star-light and time problem as is their question for creationist. A difference is that most creationists address this question frequently, whereas most evolutionists ignore their Horizon problem completely. Bob points out that the Bible repeatedly says that God "stretched" out the heavens, and that the creation was miraculous, and while human beings cannot make Man from the dust of the earth, that God could; and likewise, God could stretch out the universe filling it with light as He goes. Finally, Fred suggests a Google search of the term "quantized redshift" or checking out our 2013 program (updated in 2020), to familiarize the reader with the body of evidence regarding galactic redshift indicating the Earth may very well be near the center of the universe. And for a related problem for the big bang theory, see what the secular world of astrophysics calls the Axis of Evil, in our 2013 program (updated in 2018).

* Geologic Column and Sickle Cell Anemia: Fred from Lansing, Michigan asks about the geologic column and sickle cell anemia. Bob and Fred demonstrate how "simple life" at the bottom of the geologic column is a fallacy and further, that the actual crust of the earth contains extraordinary contradictions to the evolutionary column. 198 locations in America alone present "the column" layers out of order. And while overthrusts do exist, thousands of square miles of supposed over-thrusts exist without any evidence of sliding. Thus in these instances, the upper layers were deposited after, and not before, the lower layers, which destroys the "index-fossil" key to evolutionary dating. Separately, when we see evolutionists aggressively using disease, like cancer or sickle cell anemia, as "proof" of evolution, that illustrates that they DO NOT HAVE good evidence for evolution. Both sides, creationists and evolutionists, admit that change and genetic mutation occur; however the evolution side seems to have a problem recognizing the difference between an increase in genetic information (which molecules-to-man evolution would require) and a loss of information. (CRSQ subscribers can read Blogging with Zimmerman!) As a famous evolutionist once wrote, "Anyone who has taught genetics for a number of years is tired of sickle-cell anemia and embarrased by the fact that it is the only authenticated case of overdominance available" (R. Lewontin, 1974, p. 74; The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change, Columbia University Press, cited by Walter ReMine, 1993, p. 189).

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