Bob's 4-State Pro-Life Strategy Tour Debrief

* Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and Illinois : Bob Enyart toured four states in four days from June 28 to July 1, speaking to a couple hundred people in person and thousands more in interviews. Here's what happened:

* Brookville Church of Christ: Brookville Indiana, Bob presented Focus on the Strategy II and the Christian audience was overwhelmingly in agreement including the directors of two local Crises Pregnancy Centers, and Bob was asked to return in the Fall to speak at the annual banquet of one of the centers, to present his strategy analysis to their expected 175 attendees.
* WPOS 102.3 FM: Mark Siffer, the morning drive-time host of Toledo's most popular Christian radio station, WPOS, interviewed Bob in studio during their peak drive-time hour, and gave full support to the effort to raise up alternative pro-life leadership to replace National Right To Life, and repeatedly urged listeners to turn to for accurate information and moral leadership.

* Answers in Genesis Creation Museum : Ten pro-lifers joined Bob on his first visit to AiG's Creation Museum, in Hebron KY. Bob interviewed the co-founder of the museum, Mark Looy and astrophysicist Dr. Jason Lisle, and discussed with Ken Ham BEL's own creation ministry and support of the Creation Museum!

* Focus on the Strategy Seminars : in Indianapolis, Friday evening and again Saturday afternoon. The registration fee was waived for first-time attendees and there was overwhelming agreement from the audiences that Brian Rohrbough, president of Colorado Right To Life, has a message of leadership and obedience to God's Word that is vitally needed to restore the pro-life movement to its Christian roots.
* Extraordinary Musical Performance: Saturday evening, following a musical extravaganza of 80 singers and orchestra musicians conducted by Neil Copley (long-time friend of BEL), Neil invited Bob and a group of BEL friends to a post-show party and tremendous fellowship. Bravo Neil Copley!
* Westside Grace Ministries, Chicago : for the first time in his life, Bob was honored to teach and preach at an all-black church. On Sunday morning, Bishop Michael McDaniel invited Bob into his pulpit, and the congregation saw a powerful presentation of how abortion has decimated the black community, and family, and how Christians as individuals can combat the wickedness of child-killing as a form of evangelism, and bringing God's truth to our suffering world.
* Damascus Road Bible Church, Goshen IN : On Sunday evening, Pastor Adam Briggs. Bob hosted a Focus on the Strategy event at his packed church. There was dismay from scores of Christians who have been misled by National Right To Life regarding the partial-birth abortion travesty and the immoral strategy of regulating child-killing. Commitments were made by many to support the renewed determination within the pro-life movement to reject the secular humanism of the lawyers who have hijacked this Christian movement, and to honor God above all else!
* Post-show Note : Indiana organizers David and Lesa King have invited Bob to host a private fundraising dinner in the Fall to raise money to help continue this Open Letter phenomena that is rocking the pro-life movement. If you would like to learn more, please call David and Lesa at at 317 486-8203.

Today's Resource : Have you ordered extra DVDs for your friends and church library of our 40 Years in the Wilderness video? Please help us distribute the extraordinary presentation recorded at the Colorado Right to Life 40 Years in the Wilderness event at the Supreme Court chambers in Colorado's capitol building. Speakers include Alan Keyes, Bob Enyart, Flip Benham, and Judie Brown. This is the most powerful DVD that BEL has ever helped create!