Colorado Shootings by __________

* Ignoring Murderers Names: The president of American Right To Life, Brian Rohrbough, joins Bob in studio, and suggests that society tends to remember the murderers and forget the victims. Yesterday, a Colorado homeschooled murderer killed four people and injured others at two church locations, in Arvada and Colorado Springs. News of him being a homeschool student came to us after the close of this program, so Bob will discuss that aspect of this crime later this week. A New Life Church volunteer security guard shot and killed the perpetrator who was armed sufficiently to murder many more innocent people, and Denver Bible Church will mail her a hero's thank you. Bob and Brian discuss the biblical right of self defense, including the use of lethal force. Also, they discuss the error of the popular teaching of universal forgiveness, which makes repentance superfluous and undermines the Gospel of Jesus Christ, leading millions to believe that if the Christian God does exist, He must be all forgiving, and they have no need to repent, and thus, men and women go to hell, significantly because of a distortion regarding the love of God, and the belief that forgiveness is automatic. Jesus taught: "If your brother sins against you, rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him" (Luke 17: 3). Jesus authorizes you to forgive those who "sin against you," not those who murder your neighbor. Only God (Mat. 9: 2-3; etc.) and the victim can forgive a murderer. And God will forgive him only "if he repents." Finally, our culture of death has destabilized America and led to epidemics of murder and suicide.

* S Hemisphere has 2M Cubic Miles of Ice: MORE THAN NORMAL!

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