Reply to Focus and O.R. West's Troy Newman

*Focus on the Family: has now issued a position statement, far less celebratory than their initial claims, yet sadly, they still maintain that they "celebrate" this wicked ruling that describes how abortionists can "tear apart" the late-term child and the "pro-life Justices" optimistically expect that abortionists will devise "less shocking methods" to kill late-term babies.
*Operation Rescue West: Troy Newman calls for enforcement of the Gonzales v. Carhart ruling (i.e., the Supreme Court's partial-birth abortion manual which introduces new partial-birth abortion techniques including Navel Partial-birth Abortion). Newman's fundraising plea, in the name of "partial-birth abortion," implies that sending him money will help achieve enforcement of this ruling, and he "praise[s] God" for this "pro-life victory" thanks to a "pro-life Supreme Court!"

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