Romney, Thompson, Paul, and Tancredo

* V. P. of American Right To Life: Steve Curtis and Bob Enyart discuss the false claims of Republican primary candidates like Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Ron Paul. They contrast those men with Tom Tancredo's politically courageous statement against supporting the eventual nominee, even if he were, for example, pro-abortion like Rudi Giuliani. The Wall Street Journal provided this transcript from the October 9th republican debate in Dearborn, Michigan, regarding whether the candidates promise to support the eventual nominee of the Republican Party:

Chris Matthews: "Mr. Tancredo, would you pledge now to support the nominee of your party?"

Tom Tancredo: "I've said, I don't know how many times, that I am absolutely tired, and sick and tired, of being forced to go to the polls and say I'm going to make this choice between the lesser of two evils. I really don't intend to do that again. I am hoping, of course, that whoever we nominate will be the principled flag carrier for the Republican Party. But if that is not the case, no, then I will not support them."

Mr. Matthews: "Senator Brownback, same question: Would you support the nominee before you know who it is?"

Mr. Brownback: "Yes, I will support the nominee of this party. I think it's a big party that has a lot of different people and a lot of different philosophies..."

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* Post-Show Notes on Ron Paul: Bob Enyart has said, "If I am wrong about Ron Paul, I will endorse him for president on my radio show." Interested Paul supporters can read his analysis of the pro-choice nature of Paul's Sanctity of Life and We the People acts, and listen to Bob debate Ron Paul supporters. Ron Paul is a true Libertarian, and his America could be crawling with sodomite child-killers, and he would say that the federal courts should simply look the other way. That is not principled leadership, but immorality based upon the confused notion that authority flows uphill, and also upon the secular humanist value of tolerance, which is actually, apathy. Ron Paul has long worked with the Libertarian Party, and spoke at it's 2004 national convention, and he has never repudiated that party, even though the Libertarian Party is:
Pro-legalized abortion
Pro-legalized euthanasia (killing of handicapped and sick people, etc.)
Pro-legalized homosexuality
Pro-legalized pornography
Pro-legalizing drugs
Pro-legalizing suicide
Pro-legalizing prostitution

Libertarians are immoral, godless quasi-conservatives who therefore have no compass for righteousness in law. The above list is far more of a threat to America than is Al Qaeda, for this platform is a prescription for how to destroy us from within. Yet Ron Paul does not understand these simple matters of right and wrong and governance.