Hear Lolita Hanks on KHOW Radio

* Nurse Practitioner & CRTL Board Member : Hear the audio from when Lolita Hanks talked to KHOW's Denver radio host Dan Caplis about the Denver Public School proposal to further sexualize their students by distributing condoms and abortifacient birth control pills and Plan B through DPS high school clinics.
* Republican Fred Thompson: is a pro-abort trying to express his apathy about the killing of unborn children in a way that will dupe Christians into supporting his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination. Thompson told Tim Russert on Meet the Depressed that he opposes a federal human life amendment and if the states want to kill kids, that would be fine with him. That's what he calls, "100 percent pro-life."
* Bella Movie Recommendation: Both Bob and Lolita Hanks recommend going to see Bella right now while it is showing in a theater near you! In its opening week, viewers put this Christian film in the top three films based on revenue per screen. As Christians continue going to see this worthwhile values movie, they increase the chances that more theaters across the nation will run it! A producer called BEL today to say that so far, seven women have let it be known that they've decided against having an abortion since viewing Bella! Cheryl Enyart also recommends Bella!
* Return of the Daughters: Bob and Lolita Hanks highly recommend an independent Christian film, Return of the Daughters, available from Doug Phillip's Vision Forum! What should a daughter do in the years between completing her education as a minor and getting married? BEL observes that the world says she either gets a job and an apartment or goes to college to donate her body for campus research. Return of the Daughters provides an extraordinary vision of hope, presenting seven daughters who have committed themselves to serve their fathers at home, to help him succeed at work and in his family goals and ministry. What a must-see uplifting film!

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