Meet Pastor Gene Cook Prior to the Debate

* Hear the Debate: Almost two hours of fun discussion of God and His Word, we hope you enjoy this Cook vs. Enyart Open Theism Debate!

* God Can Count: During the debate, Gene Cook asked Bob Enyart, "How can God know how many hairs on on your head?" Bob replied, "Because He can count." Of course, regardless, like so many challenges from settled viewers, the question doesn't even deal with the future, but with present knowledge. And in Isaiah God brags that He has "calculated the dust of the earth", which, like the answer, "He can count", is God Himself telling us how He can know how much water, dust, etc., is on the Earth. And yes, of course, He could count each molecule separately, with one raindrop consisting of 1,670,000,000,000,000,000,000 water molecules, that is, one sextillion, six hundred seventy quintillion molecules, or five sextillion atoms. So, even for God, it is far more wise to measure the amount of water on the Earth than to count the amount of water. But with hairs, and only about 100,000 hairs on the average human head, for God to count them is obviously easier than for us to count the number of thumbs on our hands. 

And here's the summary of today's BEL program...

* Tomorrow Bob Debates Gene Cook on Open Theism: Pastor Bob Enyart will debate Pastor Gene Cook of Covenant Baptist Church of San Diego tomorrow, Tue. Feb. 13, at noon E.T. on the topic: Is the Future Settled or Open? If you would like to listen live over the internet, Pastor Cook suggests tuning in early to his website,, and "you can access the feed by clicking on the 'On Air' sign [and] you may need to 'refresh' the page to access the 'On Air' sign."

* After Hearing the Enyart/CookDebate: Johnnie calls in to discuss the debate that he heard live on tomorrow's BEL program. Bob also discussed the debate on the next day's program; you can comment about it in this TheologyOnline discussion thread. And then there's this brief audio from the TOL webmaster Knight who called in to Pastor Cook's program! Finally, if you have access to Pastor Cook, can you help us get the MP3 files of the audio from Bob's debate with Pastor Cook? As is typical, they posted their shows daily, and kept them online indefinitely. But as you can find out at the Internet's, they quickly took down this particular program, and never sent us any audio, let alone the higher quality audio that they had offered to send to us.

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* Ed Hanks Reads from the Mailbag: Long-time friend of BEL, Ed Hanks, joined Bob in studio to read encouraging words from the BEL Mailbag! And Bob congratulated Ed for being voted onto the board of Colorado Right To Life this past weekend!

* Thanks to You!: Our annual BEL February telethon has reached $14,000 of our vital $25,000 goal!

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Post Show Update: Christians testified in favor of Senate Bill 143 introduced today by Sen. Scott Renfro which would have prohibited abortion in the state of Colorado. Of course, if the life of the mother is threatened, the doctor should attempt to save the mother, and if at all possible, the baby also! Even in such a case, the goal of medical treatment would never be to kill the baby. Support for the bill was led by Brian Rohrbough, president of Colorado Right to Life, and board members Lolita Hanks and Joseph Riccobono also gave powerful testimony as did others including pro-life leaders Ken and Jo Scott. Before voting to kill the bill, the Committee voted to amend it to permit the killing of a child whose father is a rapist. That position of course was what could be described as the moral high ground of the pro-abortion advocates who testified against the bill, the bulk of whose testimony argued for abortion for rape. Thus, the "pragmatic," "pro-life" exceptions amended to the bill actually destroyed the personhood argument for the baby, and strenghened the foundation of the pro-choice position, as it does in every pro-life campaign laden with exceptions.