Laura Ingraham: Gay Marriage is Complex

* Tucker Carlson: Another in an endless parade of "conservative" talking heads, Tucker Carlson said on today's Laura Ingraham radio show that not only does he not condemn homosexuality, he actually endorses homosexual marriage. What? Another conservative adrift without a moral anchor? Go figure.
* Laura Ingraham's Complexion: following Tucker Carlson's horrendous endorsement, Laura Ingraham said that homosexual marriage is a complex issue. Drifting... drifting...
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* Denver Public School 9th Grader: submitted to his teacher today a great paper against abortion, and a family member emailed a copy to Bob! The 9th-grade made his points clearly and presented powerful evidence to back them up.
* A Denver Pro-life Newsletter: distributed to some hundreds of Christians included an article, written by the editor, criticizing Colorado Right To Life. While the article was critical, it did not raise even a SINGLE specific issue, nor did it give even a SINGLE bit of evidence from which the readers could judge whether the leaders of CRTL were in the right or doing wrong. This article was typical of the superficial, unbiblical kind of criticism that CRTL is standing up to, and in return, they encourage everyone to commit to never compromise on God's enduring command, Do not murder!
* The "Divisive" Plank: the personhood wing of the pro-life movement advances as the child-killing regulators are on the defensive! And those who support the National RTL regulators and oppose the full-page Open Letters to Dr. James Dobson claim that CRTL is divisive. However, over many years and continuing till today, National RTL has kicked out many pro-life organizations, and strong-armed their state affiliates to terminate the charters of any city and county RTL groups if, for example, those Christians refused to support a pro-abortion Republican for office, or refused to support yet another NRTL child-killing regulation. Countless pro-life Christians committed to honoring God above any other consideration have been mocked and virtually excommunicated, while their organizations have been effectively exiled. Those pro-life leaders who violate God's command Do not murder by advocating child killing regulations have not problem with absolute commitment, but it's an absolute commitment to partisan politics and their own principles, not to God's commands.
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* Tom from Crossplains WI: took full advantage of James' matching grant offer and gave $500, also off-air, effectively doubling his own gift to $1,000!
* Judy from Thornton CO: promoted a pro-life book by the longtime mayor of Ft. Collins, Baby Boy-R! Thanks Judy!
* Quinn from North Manchester IN: Yes, Tucker Carlson is like so many other make-believe "conservatives."
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