Real Science Fri: Denver Young Earth Conference

* Renowned Scientists: are coming to Denver! Doctors Gary Parker, John Baumgardner, Don DeYoung and Russ Humphreys are bringing the fabulous ICR Age of the Earth conference titled Thousands... Not Billions to Denver on Saturday September 15 at 8 a.m. at Colorado Community Church! Bob is going with his sons and if you go, please look for him and say hello! Please find conference fees and information at this ICR conference page.

* Renowned Webmaster :) Fred Williams of,,, co-host with Bob Enyart of Real Science Radio, led the discussion on the upcoming conference, and described the exciting evidence against claims of billions of years including helium in crystals, carbon-14 in coal and diamonds! Now, on Saturday the 15th, you can come to the conference and hear directly from the scientists who have published some of these finds!

* Rocky Mountain Creation Fellowship: On the night before the conference, you can see one of the featured scientists, Dr. Gary Parker, at the RMCF regular monthly meeting!

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