14th Day 83%! God v. Man in Politics & Doctrine

* Calvinists Believe: Calvinists like Bob's debate opponent, San Diego pastor Gene Cook of Covenant Baptist Church, believe that God ordains every detail of every rape of a child, but that it is evil to believe that God is free and able to change the future. Huh!

Dear Christian, see how far much of Christianity has come from biblical truth. Calvinists claim the following indicates that Open Theism is evil:

(like Pastor Gene Cook)
Open Theist
(like Pastor Bob Enyart)
God ordains every detail of every rape of a child. God is free and able to change the future.

This chart illustrates a fundamental difference between Calvinists and Open Theists. Namely, that Calvinists have sacrificed God's righteousness to raw power, knowledge, control, and immutability. Personally, I'm THRILLED to side with the Bible's presentation of God's fundamental qualitative attributes as being Living, Personal, Relational, Good, and Loving, as opposed the the OMNIs and IMs of the Greek and Latin  philosophical, quantitative attributes of raw power and knowledge. -Denver Bible Church Pastor Bob Enyart

* Quinn from North Manchester: challenged the claim of David Long, the Christian, pro-life president pro-tem of the Indiana Senate at Concordia University that states have the right to decriminalize murder. Christian leaders have long elevated man-made rules above God's enduring command, Do Not Murder (as though federal vs. States' Rights has ANYTHING to do with legalized rape, kidnapping, etc.), and now millions of Christians have the most difficult time discerning between right and wrong, even regarding the issue of murder.

* Romanian Priest Jailed: for the crucifixion-like exorcism death of a schizophrenic 23-year-old nun who said the devil talked to her. By New Testament standards of criminal justice, he and his accomplices should have been executed.

* Youngest Fetus Ever Survives: hospital officials expect to send a healthy Amillia Taylor home soon even though she was born after less than 22 weeks in the womb! Stunningly, however, Hillary Clinton and Rudi Giuliani continue to support the killing of children that age and older, even though once again, this time by little Amillia, the lie is exposed that such a fetus is not a living human person. This little baby was as alive and as human as Hillary, except that Amillia is not guilty of killing kids.

* Italian Judges Orders an Abortion: exposing the pro-"choice" lie, many pro-aborts cheered as an Italian judge ordered a 13-year-old to get an abortion against her wishes!

* The Bell Has Rung: The coaches have done their job. And now that our Christian leaders have trained millions of us Christians to compromise on God's enduring command, Do not murder, they are watching in stunned silence as religious, conservative, and even "pro-life" media spokesmen (like William Bennett, Hugh Hewitt, Sean Hannity, and Mona Charen: "Giuliani is the most conservative of...") encourage Christians to support pro-abort, pro-gay-marriage Rudi Giuliani for the Republican nomination for president. Stay tuned to KGOV throughout this season to hear the blow-by-blow description as Moral Relativism knocks the lights out of the Body of Christ, as the coaches lose control of their own team.

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