Gary DeMar and Bob Enyart on Dispensationalism

* Popular Author and Calvinist: Gary DeMar of American Vision and Bob Enyart discuss the disagreement between covenant theologians (like Gary) and dispensationalists (like Bob). The conversation is good, at the start, but it get's even better! So you may want to check out Gary DeMar & Bob Enyart Part 2, and Part 3!

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- Which of these things is not like the others? Theonomy, preterism, reconstruction, and covenant theology. Here at BEL we are theonomists, teaching that man’s law should overtly reflect God’s law. However, we reject preterism, reconstructionism, and covenant theology. For decades, we have asked adherents of those systems to produce a criminal code that they believe would be just. So far, other than offering generic lengthy and even 1,000-page books on related subjects, they have yet to do so. We presume that they may never do so. By not dispensationally rightly dividing the Word, Covenant theologians are unable to discern between laws that God gave exclusively given to Israel and the laws that the Lord desires to be applied to the whole world. For more, see,, and

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