1st Day: 25% of $25,000 Telethon Goal!

* Bob's Nephew Brian Enyart Jr: moved from New Jersey to Colorado to attend Denver Bible Church and help with the radio program! Brian read two extraordinary letters from yesterday's BEL Mailbag!
 * Joe from Denver: Joseph pledged $1,000 to start off the February BEL Telethon to help keep Bob's talk show airing on America's most powerful Christian radio station, AM 670 KLTT! (See the huge area that the BEL radio signal covers, which has the potential to reach millions of people!)
Can You Help: Please help keep BEL on the air by calling in a pledge to 303 463-7789 or 800-8Enyart or you can pledge (or subscribe) online!
 * Art from Morrison: called in to match whatever pledges come in till the end of the day!
Dr. Ed Umlauf * Dr. Umlauf Headed to Surgery: Dr. Ed as the first to take Art up on his matching offer, and pledged $1,000. Also, the doc is an active creationist and a fan of Dr. Walt Brown, and he said he and his wife enjoyed their visit to Denver Bible Church last Sunday, and that they would be back again this Sunday! Also, Dr. Ed Umlauf is the surgeon who in 1988 operated on Max, the severly injured and abandoned dog which Denver's famed "no kill" MaxFund animal shelter is named after and in 2019 Dr. Umlauf is still a MaxFund board member!
 * Byron from Parker CO: called  to pledge $500 toward the telethon goal!
 * Leslie Hanks from CRTL: VP of CRTL Leslie and her husband John give $500 in thanks for BEL helping CRTL relentlessly fight against child-killing!
 * Other Listeners: called off-air to pledge (M&D) $200, (C&D) $25, (Anonymous) $200, (DW) $200 & (R&S) $200!
 * Bob and Brian Introduce...: A new subscription service, the BEL Televised Classics! If your like thousands of others who wish you could watch the old Bob Enyart Live TV show, NOW YOU CAN! The BEL staff has been dubbing high-quality DVD masters from the old broadcast-format 3/4 inch TV studio tapes. The programs are often hilarious, and always extremely educational, reinforcing biblical principles in a format that makes for great entertainment and enjoyable TV watching for the whole family! You can subscribe and the mailman will deliver to your door either 4, 8, or 16 shows a month for $24.99, $34.99 or $49.99 (only $3.13 per show!). If you call BEL at 800 8-Enyart (836-9278) you can subscribe to the BEL Televised Classics, or you can use our online store to subscribe to any of our others offerings. We will apply any subscription this month toward the telethon goal of $25,000 by multiplying by ten the monthly amount of the subscription, so that a subscription of $49.99 would equal a $500 pledge toward our goal!
Today's TWO Resources: 1) The BEL phones will be manned until midnight tonight, Mountain Time! Please help keep BEL on the air by calling in a pledge for matching at 303 463-7789 or 800-8Enyart! 2) Subscribe to the BEL Televised Classics by calling 800-8Enyart!