Christian Leaders Join the 4-H Club

 * Bob Enyart Deep in Colts' Territory: This Saturday, if you can possibly make it, Bob hopes to see you at his seminar this weekend in Indianapolis. Come and learn about Open Theism, which is a Bible teaching that correctly answers the questions: Is God free and able to change the future? and, Is the Future Settled or Open?
 * Remember, Most Liberals: hate George W. Bush more than they love the Iraqi people. Thus, liberals prefer to see America leave Iraq in failure, and leave 20 million civilians to those who would sooner slaughter them than permit them justice and freedom. For years now, a major goal of America's troops in Iraq has been to protect Iraqis against fellow Muslims who would slaughter them.
 * Not Getting on the Bandwagon: of criticizing of George W Bush.
 * 4-H Club & Christian Relativity: The teachings of our Christians leaders are increasingly similar to those of Hillary, Hollywood, Humanists, and Homosexuals. Having walked for many years, carelessly down the path of legal positivism (the Constitution takes precedence over God's command, Do Not Murder), our Christian leaders now agree with the 4-H Club on so many tragic particulars, including:
 - Pornography is a free speech right, but we should regulate it.
 - Fornication is a human right, but we should regulate it.
 - Adultery is a right, between consenting adults.
 - Homosexuality is a right.
 - Justice Samuel Alito properly ruled to keep legal partial-birth abortion because the Constitution takes precedence over Do Not Murder.
 - Etc., etc., etc.
Without a vision, the people perish. And our Christian leaders no longer remember that adultery was criminal for 3,500 years of biblical society. And in the realm of sexual immorality, we're fighting a dozen blazing forest fires without a vision or an understanding of what is the proper legal status of sex outside of marriage.
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