Bob Debates U.S. News & World Report Editor

* Dan Gilgoff Defends Dr. Dobson: Bob Enyart debates the author of The Jesus Machine, a book used to mobilize the anti-Christian left about the recent pro-life Open Letter campaign. Dan Gilgoff wrote in the Denver Post that the Partial-birth Abortion ruling "expanded the notion of fetal personhood," which is a blatant misrepresentation of the ruling; and also, that "Anthony Kennedy lent further legitimacy to the new notion of fetal rights. He repeatedly used the word 'infant' and 'unborn child' in place of 'fetus' ..." Rather, the truth is that Kennedy complimented the legislators whom they were affirming for crafting a bill that did not say "child" but instead it said "fetus." Read the bill itself and learn more about the PBA fiasco at

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