LifeNews Fabricates Claim that Judges are Pro-life

* LifeNews Fabricates Pro-Life News: Bob Enyart and John Lofton discussed World Magazine's false report, which they picked up from, that President Bush nominated 20 pro-life judges. This is a completely fabricated characterization of those judges. World publisher Joel Belz personally refused to print a correction, showing himself willing to continue to mislead his readers rather than correct the record. Steve Ertelt of LifeNews and Joel Belz are currently in the running for the Christian media's Jayson Blair award.

Warning: Don't use LifeNews; Use LifeSiteNews.comThe following shocking summary and excerpts come from the John Lofton's False Reporting by World Magazine, Joel Belz, Lynn Vincent, Steve Ertelt and LifeNews piece:

World Magazine... in a story headlined Climate Change by Lynn Vincent, published the following: "What may be the biggest abortion-related political battle of 2005 began on Dec. 23, 2004, when President Bush announced that he would renominate 20 pro-life judges." [Enyart: Bush by the way, announced NO SUCH THING!] How is it known that these nominees were "pro-life?" The Vincent article provided no evidence that these 20 judicial nominees were "pro-life." And Mr. Bush repeatedly said he would have no litmus test for his judicial nominees... When I called Lynn Vincent and put this question to her, she said she got this "pro-life" characterization from Steve Ertelt's "" Web site. OK, so I go to Ertelt's Web site and sure enough there's a story by him with the headline "President Bush Will Renominate 20 Pro-Life Judges, Democrat Fight Looms." The lead paragraph repeats the "20 pro-life judges" phraseology. But, there's nothing in the story showing specifically how any of the 20 are "pro-life."

This is not the only time Ertelt - again, with no evidence provided to back up what he alleged - has alluded to Mr. Bush's "pro-life" judicial nominees. In a December 27, 2004, article he wrote: "Last week, President Bush announced that he would renominate twenty pro-life judges for key federal court positions." Mr. Bush, of course, did not use the words "pro-life." And this year Ertelt wrote: "On Monday, President Bush nominated about twenty pro-life judges he wants on federal appeals and district courts." When I emailed Ertelt asking for his evidence re: Bush's supposedly "20 pro-life judges," he emailed back saying: "See our past stories as we've covered virtually all of them and their actions/statements. Use our search on our web site to find a specific person." I did this. The result was that many of the 20 judges referred to by Ertelt were not mentioned at all on his Web site; the ones that were mentioned had no information about them showing they were "pro-life." Over a period of several days, I sent numerous emails to Ertelt telling him his Web site revealed no information showing that any of these 20 judges were "pro-life." He did not reply to any of these emails. Sad to say, Ertelt's fraudulent Bush propaganda was widely disseminated. A Google search showed about 135 references to his unsubstantiated assertion that the President had renominated "20 pro-life judges." Some of the Web sites that picked up and repeated Ertelt's bogus "20 pro-life judges" fantasy include:
- American Family Association
- The Christian Examiner
- Illinois Right-To-Life which called Ertelt's report "A Christmas miracle"
- Rick Scarborough's Patriot Pastor Alert

When I called Ertelt's bogus reporting to the attention of World Magazine publisher Joel Belz, he at first reacted in way I found hopeful. He sounded like he was concerned and would check out what I told him. Days turned into weeks, however. No reply. Then this curt email: "We have no responsibility to respond to your comments and queries. Please do not address further questions to any of our staff." To which I replied: "You have a responsibility to God and your readers to report things truthfully. You did not do so when Vincent reported Bush had named 20 "pro-life" judges. I am shocked at your indifference to truth re: this matter, which also involves sloppy journalism, Vincent reporting something from another source but not attributing her information to that source (Ertelt's fabricated report) which itself provided no backup data."

 * American View Co-host John Lofton: is coming to the Colorado Right To Life Leaders Summit and for a one week trial broadcast on northern Colorado's KHNC 1360 AM from 10 - 11 a.m. this coming Monday through Friday, Nov. 5 - 9. John and Bob discuss the immorality of Christian leaders who are endorsing unborn child killer Mitt Romney for president.

* Updated List of Leaders Condemning the Evil PBA Ruling :

Ambassador Alan Keyes, RenewAmerica (see his 30-sec video clip)
Rev. Tom Euteneuer, Human Life International
Judie Brown, American Life League
John Archibold, founding member, AUL and Nat'l RTL

Prof. Charles Rice, Notre Dame Law School
Dr. Patrick Johnston,
Jim Rudd, Covenant News
Cliff Zarsky, Corpus Christi RTL
Chris Mohr, on Board of Columbus RTL & Ohio RTL
Erik Whittington, Rock for Life
John Lofton, The American View
Eric Guttormson,
Brian Martin,
Jim Anderson,
Cal Zastrow, Michigan Citizens for Life
Judie Zabik, Michigan Personhood Leader
Matt Trewhella, Missionaries to the Preborn
Brannon Howse, WorldviewTube, Christian Worldview Net
David Brownlow, Life Support and LS Oregon
Louis Wein, Ass't Mayor of NYC; NY Governor candidate 1990
Steve Curtis, Former State Chair, Colorado Republican Party
Julie Niccum, Wisconsin Personhood Leader
Jo Scott, ProLife Colorado
Gino Geraci, Calvary Chapel South Denver
Bob Enyart, Denver Bible Church
Chuck Baldwin, Crossroad Baptist Church
Rev. Clennard Childress, L.E.A.R.N. &
Flip Benham, Operation Rescue / OSA
Bob Dornan, 20-year U.S. Congressman
Rohrbough , Colorado Right to Life
Judge Roy Moore, Foundation for Moral Law

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