Subcontractor Summit in Bella Ethiopia

* Sean Wolfington: executive producer of Bella talks with Bob and Jo Scott about this pro-life family film currently rated number one at the biggest film survey sites including Yahoo, Fandango, and the NY Times!

* Pro-Life Leaders Summit : hosted by CRTL , the two-day Denver conference attracted major pro-life leaders from around the country including presidential candidate Alan Keyes, ALL's Judie Brown, Operation Rescue / OSA's Flip Benham, Brian Rohrbough, and many other leaders from various state organizations. Mike from Indiana called to say a local radio talk show host, Peter Heck , reported on Colorado's personhood effort and explained the importance of the personhood strategy! Thank you Peter!

* Hear a Deceived Weitz Subcontractor: the Weitz Corporation told the Denver media that they have been up front, telling their workers that they are building an abortion clinic . However, as reported by WorldNetDaily and elsewhere, the Denver permits for this Weitz construction project were fraudulently filed in the name of United Airlines (of all things!), and hear this contractor's employee claiming that her company is working on a Flight Training facility (of all things!).

* Another Ethiopian Is Alive: an Ethiopian woman who was stopped from killing her baby a year ago, helped talk another Ethiopian woman today out of aborting her child! Jo Scott of Pro Life Colorado, while sidewalk counseling at Denver's 20th and Vine Planned Parenthood abortion mill was talking on the phone talking to the mom of an Ethiopian "save" from 2006 when Jo recognized that a woman heading into Planned Parenthood was also an Ethiopian. Jo handed the phone to the woman, and last year's mom helped to talk today's mom out of killing her child! Praise God for another Ethiopian baby alive today!

Today's Resource: Watch this stunning updated DVD of Pam Stenzel explaining that Sex Has A Price Tag. People today are faced with a raging plague of sex related problems including STDs. Rape statistics are at all time highs. Yet today's society encourages promiscuity. This video gives young people compelling reasons to commit to abstinence!