Would National Right to Life Support Giuliani?

* You Bet Your Life: Bob guesses, "I wouldn't be shocked to see NRTL come out eventually for Rudy Giuliani."
 * In 2004 Flip Benham Predicted: "David Barton, Ralph Reed, and Jerry Falwell... didn't ask what is Schwarzenegger, a pro-choice, pro-gay-marriage advocate, doing speaking to us? ...why is [pro-partial-birth-abortion] Giuliani up there [speaking in primetime at the Republican National Convention? ... Republicans are being prepared for a pro-choice (pro-death) candidate. They are being baited for 2008." -OperationSaveAmerica.org.
 * Bob On Principals and Principles:
 Principals: All public schools are officially godless, and parents who unwisely send their kids in as "missionaries" expose other motives (convenience, laziness, money, etc.) when they don't pull their kids out during times of childhood rebellion, drunkenness and sexual immorality.
 Principles: Any "pro-life" campaign that undermines the personhood of the child DIRECTLY reinforces the wicked foundation of legalized abortion!
 * Dan from Denver: Loves Bob's show, and is a conservative Christian, yet Dan contradicts himself during his call on a matter of right and wrong. Dan strongly agrees that the government does not have the right to tax one family to pay for education for another family's kid. Yet, he advocated educational vouchers, which tax one family to pay for education for another! Bob tried to show Dan that conservative Christians commonly support things that they themselves acknowledge are evil, in order to achieve their own political goals. We must not do evil that good may come of it!
Today's TWO Resources: For help convincing yourself (or someone else) to pull the kids out of public school you can 1) read The Harsh Truth About Public Schools by BEL friend Bruce Shortt or 2) subscribe to the BEL TV Classics.