United Airlines Permit to Build Denver Abortion Clinic

 UPDATE: * The City of Denver: issued a permit for construction of an abortion facility to United Airlines! Construction giant the Weitz Corporation, with Planned Parenthood, has deceived the City and Country of Denver, subcontractors, and are involved in a misrepresentation of United Airlines. The permits filed with the City and County of Denver name United Airlines as the responsible party for the planned building of America's largest abortion facility at East 38th Avenue and Pontiac Street in Denver. Initial contact with United Airlines left an official in their commercial real estate division shocked at this news and requesting more information. Further, according to reporter Julie Poppen, senior Weitz V.P. Gary Meggison said to the Rocky Mountain News, that he "has been up front with subcontractors on the project about its controversial nature." However, CRTL 's Englewood chapter president Will has spoken with some of the subcontractors including M-Tech Mechanical and these companies have not been told that they are helping to build an abortion facility, but rather, that they are being paid by Fuller 38 M.O.B. Planned Parenthood formed this front corporation two weeks prior to purchasing the 38th avenue property, from United Airlines, and Fuller 38 M.O.B. (Medical Office Building) also lists for sale the existing 2030 E. 20th Avenue Planned Parenthood clinic (abortuary) at Vine Street. Some of Weitz subcontractors have adamantly insisted that they are not working on the Planned Parenthood facility, only to have CRTL's Will on Nov. 1st give them complete documentation that they have been mislead by the Weitz Corporation. This morning, Nov. 2nd, subcontractor Haynes Mechanical Systems called Will to inform him that they have left the job site.

* Fool from TheologyOnline : .com called to discuss with Bob the Denver pro-life community's fight with those building a new child-killing center.

* Jim from Brighton CO: called to discuss the theology of salvation.

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