Virginia Tech Horror Explained

* Another Murder/Suicide... * 32: If the godless evolutionists are correct, the man who murdered 32 people today at Virginia Tech, and then killed himself, is no worse off than the kindest soul who ever had lived. But atheists are wrong. This wicked murderer argued in a dorm with his girlfriend, and then shot her to death along with a student adviser, and a couple hours later, murdered students indiscriminately in a classroom building across campus. Then he thought suicide was a way of escaping punishment, he actually dispatched himself into the hands of his Judge. Suicide is a lie, and it is inherently destabilizing.
 * CBS Evening News: Bob re-aired the extraordinary 90-second editorial about school shootings that Brian Rohrbough gave at Katie Couric's invitation.
 * Al from Franktown CO: asked Bob, in a round-about kind of way, if God put both wicked men in power, and protestors to oppose them, to which Bob responded, "No." There is a war between good and evil, and God is NOT on both sides. He does not decree idolatry, adultery, homosexual acts, nor child molestation. Tragically, some Christians wrongly equate God bringing people to the afterlife (whether by the hand of Joshua or Noah's flood), with filth and perversion, which He would never desire nor decree.
 * Tim from Chicago: just watched Bob's Focus on the Strategy DVD and he LOVES IT and highly recommends it, and Tim observed from current events that liberals oppose spanking to the harm of children, have romantic notions about communists who destroy families, and they can't see the baby in the womb, even when it's hanging onto the doctor's finger!
 * Brian Rohrbough: explained how our society raises so many murderers.
Today's Resource: For help convincing yourself (or someone else) to pull the kids out of public school you can 1) read The Harsh Truth About Public Schools by BEL friend Bruce Shortt or 2) subscribe to the BEL TV Classics!
Come On Out and Meet Bob Enyart:
 * April 25th in the Capitol: Marking the 40th anniversary of Colorado passing the nation's first pro-abortion law (which has since become the model for most "pro-life" legislation, i.e., abortion for the "hard cases"), Colorado Right to Life will hold an historic event in the old Supreme Court chambers room. The keynote speaker will be Alan Keyes, former U.N. Ambassador and candidate for the Republican nomination for President. Other speakers include Operation Save America's director, the Rev. Flip Benham, and Bob Enyart. A panel discussion to identify the most effective strategy to stop the killing will include Keyes, Benham, Enyart and the president of Colorado Right to Life, Brian Rohrbough!
 * Branson Bible Conference: Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart has been invited to speak at an October Bible conference in Branson Missouri, and if you'd like to attend, learn more at the host's website, Bible Doctrines to Live By, and then call BEL at 303 463-7789 to register!