Quick, Stop the Launch!

* Stop the Gore-Hawking Launch: While end-of-the-world doomsday prophets Stephen Hawking (who is insignificant) and Al Gore (who eats electricity) prepare to blast off to Mars to avoid annihilation from global warming, NASA finds out that Mars is also warming, but not from automobiles ?! Atheist astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has suggested that mankind colonize the Moon or Mars to escape global warming, evidently forgetting that the Moon's daytime temperature is over 200 degrees (107 C) and that neither location has oxygen! The Sun is Earth's source of global warming, and since Mars is 50 million miles further from our Sun, its temperature ranges from 1 degree F down to 178 below zero! But why did Hawking overlooked Antarctica, Siberia, and Greenland as more logical safe havens against global warming? After all, they're a lot closer, and they have oxygen available, and water!
Also, there is global warming on Mars.
* BEL Billboard Going Up: In Denver, a 10 foot by 30 foot billboard is going up with huge letters shouting: "You're Wrong. I'm Right! Bob Enyart Live Mon-Fri 3pm AM 670 KGOV.com." This should bring more listeners to the radio show, and hopefully even callers who want to debate the host! One of our listeners, Brian, works for an ad agency and he conceived this project and hired a graphic artist to produce the artwork, and then he raised the $2,000 for the first month. Now, Brian hopes to find other listeners who will sponsor an additional month, and he invites you to call him directly at 303 949-9670.
* Answers in Genesis Emails: One describes theistic evolutionists dominating at a Christian college and seminary, and another describes a Christian medical student being harassed in class even though he placed top among the biology professor's students.
* No Compromise (on her paycheck): Hear neo-conservative William Kristol of the Weekly Standard blow in Laura Ingraham's ear to "feel better" about pro-homosexual, pro-abort Rudy Giuliani. (For a short time Ingraham is providing the Kristol segment on her website for free.)
* An Off-Air Caller Asks: and Bob explains why it is wrong for pro-lifers to advocate killing abortionists, based upon the reasons presented in Bob's Abortion Vigilantism Worksheet.
* Another Kent State Scandal: Mike Adams at Townhall.com exposes a Muslim associate professor Julio Pino who writes in the name of Osama Bin Laden and urges jihad.
* A Mention: of Bob's Focus on the Strategy DVD at a site called Free Dominion, "the place of principled conservatism."
* Come to a Bible Conference: Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart has been invited to speak at an October Bible conference in Branson Missouri, and if you'd like to attend, learn more at the host's website, Bible Doctrines to Live By, and then call BEL at 303 463-7789 to register!
Today's Resource: We will send a free Mt. Moriah video to any unbeliever who mentions this offer in a letter mailed to Bob Enyart PO Box 583 Arvada CO 80001. But if you want resources to help train yourself to witness for Christ to someone who is unsaved, consider the BEL Witnessing Pack! Getting someone to move from unbelief to trusting in Christ typically involves breaking down both pride and misconceptions. So we've assembled five powerful resources to help you help someone convert to Christianity!