Escape from the Happy Cannibal

 * Out of the Frying Pan: Ron Miller traveled for three years on six continents to answer the excellent question, "If I had been born into a society of cannibals, would I question that society's behaviors and values, or would I simply be a happy cannibal?" Ron searched the entire world for the guidance that supersedes culture, and says he found that wisdom. Bob presses Ron to test his answer.

* Part II -- Supporter Tells of Sexually Manipulative Roy Masters: Click to hear tomorrow's conclusion of this program as a supporter of cult leader Roy Masters gives a sad account documenting an event from September 1994 in which an employee of Master's Oregon ranch gave an emotional testimony before about 70 people revealing: "her past, one filled with sexual promiscuity, guilt, and emotional pain... Clearly it is important for her to open up to the audience, but of greater significance is her interaction with Roy... She listens to Roy like an adoring child listens to a parent... Roy asks her if she has sexual feelings toward him, and she immediately replies with a confident "Yes!". Gross.

Today's Resource: Consider listening to Bob's Bible Study on the Gospel of John! Christ spoke often of the Father. Still, He preached an egocentric message. Jesus said: follow Me · believe in Me · abide in Me · do all for My sake · confess Me · love Me · come to Me · keep My commandments · receive Me · seek Me · I bear witness of Myself · I am the truth · I am the life. Should a created being direct most attention to the Father, or focus upon himself? Bible teachers use a handful of verses to establish Christ's identity. As is his style, Bob Enyart starts with a sweeping overview of the Bible to address the deity of Christ. This study, The Gospel of John Vol. I, stuns and delights, respectively, those disputing and affirming His divinity!