Algore Waiting to Exhale

 * Algore: testified in Congress today trying to reduce carbon emissions by exhaling once for every two inhales. So... Clinton never inhaled, and now Algore's not exhaling. What a world!

 * Scablands of Washington: are yet another example of a massive geological feature (16,000 square miles in Washington) that formed not over eons or millions of years, but cataclysmically by mega-flooding. Once again the religious commitment to uniformitarian belief retarded the progress of science, for many decades. But to help any evolutionist from hyperventilating after learning about the Missoula Flood and subsequent devastation, geologists (like on the recent PBS Nova special on the Missoula Flood) claim there were multiple cataclysmic Missoula Floods that swept periodically across eastern Washington. Right. The evidence they showed was a series of dozens of nearly perfectly formed alternating strata that were supposedly laid down through a series of very similar, massive, floods over a 20,000-year period. However, if any of those beautifully parallel layers had been exposed for 500 to 5,000 years (while waiting for the next flood deposits to cover it up), wind and water erosion would have ruined the perfect symmetry of the deposits. It's funny how atheists can't explain the universe, so they posit an infinite number of parallel universes, as though that solves their problem; and they go kicking and screaming to admitting catastrophe in the Scablands, and now they have multiple massive, nearly identical floods. Right. As Bob watched the Nova special, he noticed that so many features of the Scablands and the cataclysmic admissions of geologists make so much sense, and are even expected, in light of Walt Brown's Hydroplate Theory explanation of our geologic past!

* Beware the Coming Ice Age: Oops, that was Newsweek in the 1970s alarming children with millions of deaths from the approaching glaciers, and today, those kids' kids fear being drowned by rising seas. But in reality, Greenland's ice is not rapidly melting as feared, Antarctica ice is not melting as feared, the last Ice Age ended with the world warming without benefit of combustion engines, and Mars, of all places, has been warming recently, but not from roving SUVs, but... from the Sun.

* Mary Ann from Pittsburgh: discussed with Bob the false doctrine called soul sleep, and the Apostle Paul's desire to go be with the Lord, which would not make sense if he were only headed to soul sleep. But rather, "to be absent from the body and to be present with the Lord" (2 Corinthians 5:6-8).

Today's Resource: Bob Enyart's favorite scientist, Dr. Walt Brown, wrote In the Beginning, a best-selling book on creation and the global flood. Brown's Hydroplate Theory explains 25 major features of the earth and its environment, and many specific HT predictions have come true, with 36 predictions still pending. The Hydroplate Theory explains that the global flood occurred after the earth's crust broke open, and released water from a subterranean sea beneath the earth's crust. Walt Brown received a Ph.D. from MIT, has taught science at the U.S. Air Force Academy, and was Chief of Science and Technology Studies at the Air War College.