Pro-lifers Meet with Abortion Contractor Weitz

* Pro-lifers Meet with Abortion Contractor: Denver pro-lifers met today with Bill Hornaday, president of The Weitz Corporation's  Rocky Mountain Division. Hornaday told Keith Mason and Will in a private meeting this morning that they refuse to reconsider constructing a building designed to rip the arms and legs off of little children. Bill Hornaday can be reached at More below...

* UPDATE: Post-show Emergency Note: Late-term abortion re-scheduled for 3:30 p.m. has information of a specific late-term abortion being committed Thursday afternoon, Oct. 25 at the Health One Sky Ridge Medical Center south of the Denver metro area. You can call any of the following numbers to plead for the life of this handicapped (deformed) 24-week baby scheduled to be killed:
Surgery Waiting Room: 720-225-1630
Labor and Delivery: 720-225-2300
Patient Advocate: 720-225-1285
Chaplain: 720-225-1778
Main Switchboard: 720-225-1000
Administration: 720-225-1010

Late Wednesday evening, a KGOV producer reached Sky Ridge public relations director Linda Watson who would not confirm the scheduling killing of this child, nor could she immediately state whether Health One's policy would protect such a child from being intentionally killed in their facility. Ms. Watson agreed to call with more information when she could obtain it.

* It's Not Too Late... For You! If you are reading this past the time Health One has scheduled to kill this child, then it is too late to save this one. But you can still help protect every child by love and by law! As Bob Enyart strongly recommends, learn how to be an effective voice for the unborn at American Right To Life's website by getting a 40-year pro-life education in 40 days!

* Gary Meggison, Senior Vice-President of the Weitz Co Rocky Mountain, also at the meeting, revealed an obvious disdain for women and children, by refusing to view documents of Planned Parenthood’s reported child rape cover-ups and the facts of their multi-million dollar baby killing business. Gary Meggison can be reached at

* Don Gendall, Vice-President of the Weitz Co Rocky Mountain, was not present at the meeting, but spoke with Keep Peace In Stapleton, and admitted to being a Christian, yet still willing to build a death camp for unborn children. Don Gendall can be reached at

* Craig Damos, CEO of the Weitz Company, resides in Des Moines, IA. Craig Damos' wife Sue was kindly asked to encourage her husband to reconsider building this abortion clinic and her response was a shock! Sue Damos said that Planned Parenthood does not do abortions. You can hear that call here. Craig Damos can be reached at

* Keith Mason of Keep Peace In Stapleton cohosted todays show with Jo Scott of Pro-Life Colorado, to urge The Weitz Company not to build the largest abortion facility in America. The Weitz Co has received the contract to build a 50,000 sq. ft. Planned Parenthood in a minority neighborhood in Denver, Colorado.

* Kim Lehman, president of Iowa Right to Life, has organized a prayerful protest outside the Weitz headquartes in Des Moines, IA. If you live in Iowa and can join IRLC, please contact Kim at 515-202-2517.

* Log on to and join the coalition to stop the construction of the largest child killing facility to date in this country. The unborn need your help!