Houston Chronicles Forced Abortion After DeGette Enyartview

* The Houston Chronicle : does a rare media report on a brutal forced abortion in China. Bob asks his readers to email Cara mailto:DeGette@CSIndy.com?subject=Cara,%20news%20hook:%20PP%20building%20in%20CO;%20the%20Hou%20Chronicle%20reporting%20China%20forced%20abortion with this subject:

Cara, news hook: PP building in CO; the Hou Chronicle reporting China forced abortion

That might encourage her to write a column rebuking Planned Parenthood International for years of complicity (and underwriting) China forcing women to have abortions. It has NOT been about personal choice, it has been about killing little kids. (After all, the more little kids China kills, the more affordable carbon-credits will be for George Bush and John Edwards to live in mansions and fly around in private jets.) ... (Meanwhile, most scientists reject claims of man-made global warming.)

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