Audio of James Dobson's pledge to God: Which he then broke

* Hear James Dobson Renew His Pledge: to never vote for a politician willing to kill a single innocent child. Of course, this means that Dr. Dobson would never vote for a man like George W. Bush or Mitt Romney, both of whom support killing the children of criminals (rapists). Also, Dr. Dobson clarified that he is not starting a third party, but will vote for a third party candidate if the Republicans nominate a candidate who supports killing even a single innocent child. Refusing to vote for someone who supports intentionally killing an innocent person is the principle that flows out of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and from God's enduring command, Do not murder. Sadly, see James Dobson break his pledge to God at

* Ron Paul is Unqualified: to lead a Sunday school class, let alone a nation. Ron Paul has long worked with the Libertarian Party, and he spoke at its 2004 National Convention, and yet he has never repudiated that party, even though...

The Libertarian Party is:
Pro-legalized abortion
Pro-legalized euthanasia (killing of sick and handicapped people, etc.)
Pro-legalized homosexuality
Pro-legalized pornography
Pro-legalizing drugs (Crack cocaine, etc.)
Pro-legalizing suicide
Pro-legalizing prostitution

The Libertarian Party is an immoral, godless quasi-conservative organization which therefore has no understanding of righteousness in law.

Ron Paul believes abortion is murder, but then he says that he would let the states decide whether to murder children. Thus, he doesn't understand the God-given right to life. He doesn't understand the foundation for law. And thirdly, he doesn't even understand that the U.S. Constitution (for all its flaws) does not allow depriving anyone of life without due process of law, that is, without being convicted of a capital crime. Ron Paul doesn't understand that human rights trump states' rights, and no government should allow any subdivision to own blacks, rape women, or murder Jews, Christians, or children. If Massachusetts legalized the lynching of blacks, the federal government should use every means at its disposal, even to the sending in of the Marines to stop them; so also to protect babies. Ron Paul doesn't understand this, and so is in need of being taught, not in need of being elected. Ron Paul has little understanding of the utmost foundation of civil government, God's enduring command, Do not murder. See more at

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