It is WRONG to Get Mad at God

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* Don't Be Mad At God: Because of the false pagan Greek teaching that Christians have adopted, that the future is settled (either as ordained by God, or regardless, as eternally unalterable), millions of Christians get mad at God when tragedy (or even boredom) strikes. See the sinful comments of typical Christians below.
* Is Jimmy Carter a Racist?: reports that as president, Jimmy Carter complained that there were "too many Jews" on Washington's Holocaust council. And also, Carter sought "special consideration" to allow a NAZI (National Socialist) SS officer to immigrate to America, even though he had murdered Jews at the Mauthausen death camp in Austria. It seems that Carter has never met a murdering tyrant he didn't like, and he instinctively takes the immoral side of every issue.
* The Chairman of the FED: Federal Reserve chaiman Ben Bernanke testified to Congress this month that America's declining fertility rate (i.e., the war on the unborn, on marriage, etc.) is a threat to America's wellbeing.
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This thread, Can I Be Mad At God, appears at the popular Five of the first six replies were horrendous, especially the last one below:

Can I Be Mad At God

Is it okay to be mad at God? I understand He is all knowing
and that we go through difficult times for the greater good...,
but is it okay to be mad about that. I guess what I am trying to say is, is it a sin?


Candace Replies: essence, Is it wrong to get mad at God? No. What is wrong is to go forth and sin in the anger. -Candace
[Bob Enyart's Comment: This woman's tragic counsel is that you can be mad at God, just don't do it in anger.]
Eloy Replies:
It's not a sin for a child to be angry at their Father...
[Bob Enyart's Comment: What a shameful thing to say.]
Abraham replied against God in Genesis 18:25.
[Enyart: That's a complete distortion, and is certainly not true.]
It's okay to get angry at God, as long as we understand that God is still going to do what he is going to do. -Eloy
[Enyart: Perhaps our national Christian ministries can attempt to correct this widespread dishonoring of God among Christians.]
John T Replies:
Eloy: good comment!

When my 23 years-old daughter died of a cerebral aneurism in 2001, six weeks after giving birth, I frequently wanted to take on God, and I wanted to kick Him in both shins as hard as I could. -John T
[Enyart: I hope our pastors, teachers, and counselors are hearing this, and realizing what a destructive attitude toward God has been instilled into millions of members of the Body of Christ.]
Jack Replies:
Barbara, I think God has enough sense to know when one of His children is having a bad day, or merely a tantrum, or hurt feelings---and on the other hand what is willful rebellion. Don't you? -Jack
[Enyart: This guy Jack, with foolishness, is saying that it's OK to be mad at God as long as your just having a bad day. I bet Jack would get made at someone who is unjustly angry at him, and he's not even God.]
Donna Replies:
Why not try forgiving God? "Forgive and it SHALL be forgiven you." Are you mad because you want something that He thinks isn't the best thing for you? ... You should try to forgive Him.... -Donna9759
[Enyart: Donna saved the worst for last. What a grave perversion has permeated the Body of Christ. I have no doubt that some or all of these people are true Christians, because I've noticed this sin in even the best churches. The Ten Commandments state, Do Not Take God's Name In Vain. These comments are typical of a million others by Christians who are not only mentioning God in vain, nor are they "merely" profaning Him by speaking of Him in passing, as a common thing. No, these Christians actually speak of anger toward God as acceptable, being mad as him as justifiable, and even, among the most grotesque of ideas, "forgiving God." This is a widespread perversion that our pastors and Christian teachers need to correct!]

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